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Porsche Showroom Flooring

Car Showroom Ceramic Tile Floor  Car Showroom Ceramic Tile Floor

The prestigious Porsche car dealership based in Victoria Parade, Melbourne, incorporates not just a sales showroom, but also motorsports department, boutique store, cafe, workshop and car-wash.  As part of the redevelopment, Ceramic Solutions installed floor tiles to achieve a luxurious effect in the showroom, combined with the durability necessary for the workshop areas.  

During the redevelopment stages, Ceramic Solutions treated the floor areas and isolated any substrate cracking before laying tiles.  The workshop and car-wash areas were fitted with extra thick, slip-resistant tiles for optimum safety and ability to withstand point loads from car-mechanic tools. 

Within the staff administration areas, Ceramic Solutions installed tiles in the amenities, lunch-room and balcony areas, providing an attractive and easy-to-maintain finish.

Tiled bathroom  Tiled lunchroom