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Hospital Ventilated Facade

SAH Hospital Facade

An exciting new era in health care at Sydney SAH Hospital is underway. 

The $200 million development represents a major expansion of the hospital’s services and facilities.  Still within early building stages, the hospital exterior features AGROB BUCHTAL ventilated facade.

The ceramic HT coated material used in combination with a sophisticated facade technology provides exceptional performance and great aesthetic appeal.  Ventilated facades create an air chamber between the surface of the building and the tile cladding, providing insulation against heat and protection against rain and wind.

The design principal of a ventilated facade lies in ceramic tiles not being directly anchored to the building, allowing the tiles to move accordingly to their own expansion.  

AGROB BUCHTAL was the first company to develop the large format 600 x 600mm ceramic facade tile 30 years ago and has since introduced a variety of styles and formats.

The KeraTwin system used within the Adventist hospital has a double webbed design to provide increased resistance against environmental factors, as well as thermal insulation to lower heating costs.  Its low weight also means economical installation. 

KeraTwin has a wide range of colours and effects ideal for contemporary creative facade design.  


Below construction site images of the new Adventist Hospital - we will keep you posted on the buildings progress.


Facade building facade ventilation Facade building


Progress of SAH Facility

Click here to see progress of SAH hospital.