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Flooring Car Showroom

Car showroom floor Car showroom floor

The extensive range of AGROB tiles offers perfectly matching tiles for all kinds of exhibition and showroom applications. 

Car showrooms require flooring that will comply with every conceivable aesthetic and functional requirement, including high mechanical loads and easy removal of dirt and grease.


First impression counts, and this is essential for car showrooms.

Car showrooms want a welcoming atmosphere, where visitors feel well taken care of.  Using high-quality ceramic tiles in large formats can convey a relaxing environment and indicates a level of competence and quality, which invites confidence.  AGROB tile sizes range from 2x2cm to 75x75cm and even bigger!.  With such a large range of tiles available, companies can select a flooring that is reflected by the brand and building architecture.


Health & Safety

Thanks to AGROB tiles having a high degree of cleaning friendliness, it is possible to keep office, reception and showroom areas hygienically clean.  And the unique HT material ensures fresh and healthy air as pollutants and odours are decomposed.  The use of various non-slip safety levels from the lobby through the working areas, to the tea kitchens and sanitary areas, also represents reliable accident prevention measures.


Protecting the Environment

German manufacturers of ceramic tiles have long shared a passion for preserving the environment.

The German Environmental Product Declaration is in accordance with ISO 14025 and describes the environmental features of the construction of ceramic tiles.  The process is entirely free of waste and aligned towards low energy consumption, low emission and recycling of materials.
Ceramic tiles are inert and create non toxic fumes in case of fire, or hazardous issues for landfill, and can be crushed and recycled.

Car showroom floor  Car showroom floor Car showroom floor