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Barkly Square Flooring

 Barkly Square Shopping centre paving   Barkly Square Shopping centre paving   Barkly Square Shopping centre paving

Barkly Square forms part of a significant shopping precinct located along Sydney road in Brunswick, Melbourne.

With its recent $17 million redevelopment, Barkly Square is a strong trading convenience centre, anchored by Coles, Woolworths, Kmart, a JB HiFi and 32 specialty stores. 

As part of the face-lift, Ceramic Solutions was contracted to tile the internal and external areas of the building, this included amenities, main walkway, food court areas, pathways to outside restaurant and rear carpark, as well as side and front entrance.

Barkly Square Shopping centre tiling

Anti-bacterial tiles - effective against bad odours

As part of the amenities area, AGROB HT tiles were utilised on the floor and wall.  Besides its attractive look, AGROB tiles also provide many functional characteristics, with anti-slip, hard wearing properties, as well as anti-bacterial effect that eliminate unwelcome odours quickly and thoroughly. 


HTAdvantages of using HT ceramic tiles in retail property:

- Hardwearing

- Huge colour range and size formats

- Requires only minimal care

- Decomposition of bacteria, fungi and germs

- Low cleaning costs

- Free of irritating substances (non-toxic)

- Improvement of room climate (releases clean air due to photocatalytic reaction)

- Environmentally friendly