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3D Ceramic Facades

Curtain Type Facade    3D Ceramic Facade Finchley Hospital 

To compliment Agrob Buchtal's existing curtain-type facades, the company has created a range of 3D facade systems to not only accentuate a buildings appearance, but also serve quite practical purposes, such as privacy, protection against the sun, or added ventilations for carparks.   

3D ceramics facades enable individualised design ideas using durable, maintenance-free tubes made from ceramics.  Manufactured by Agrob Buchtal, these special pieces are available in three different designs to provide a distinctive appearance that can be perfectly matched to Agrob Buchtal's curtain-type facade system.    

3D Facade Finish  

Facade colours and glazes


Curtain-Type, Rear-Ventilated Facades

As one of only a few tile manufacturers world-wide, Agrob Buchtal has been operating in the sector of curtain-type, rear-ventilated facades for decades.

Agrob Buchtal's bracket-mounted systems are highly efficient through rapid installation and variable mounting systems.  Resistant to Australia's harsh weather conditions, ceramic curtain-type facades provide an agreeable interior climate that reduces heating and cooling energy requirements .

Curtain-type facades offer innumerable design possibilities with glazed and unglazed finishes in a huge range of styles and sizes.